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Established in 1983

Crafting Excellence and Durability Down Under for 40 Years

Wish you a safe and merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year!

Christmas Close Down:

Last day for receival will be Wed 13th Dec 2023.

We will be closed from Noon on Fri 22nd Dec 2023.

and will resume operations on Tue 2nd Jan 2024.


We Are Committed to helping our customers in transforming dull surfaces into exceptional finishes.

Since our inception in 1983, we at CP Plating have steadily built our reputation as Queensland’s trusted provider of quality finishing services for metal items. Located in the heart of Hamilton, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with the community, adapting and honing our techniques over the years.


Our Main services


Silver Zinc Plating

A protective finish with silver appearance; offers good corrosion resistance, enhancing durability and lifespan of metal components.


Gold Zinc Plating

Lustrous gold-tone finish providing excellent corrosion protection, adding aesthetic appeal to metal surfaces.


Powder Coating

Durable, electrostatically applied dry powder; cured under heat, results in a hard, uniform, long-lasting protective and decorative surface finish.

Your Plating challenges, our expert solutions

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals.

Our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. We've collaborated with a diverse range of clients, from local artisans to established businesses. Time and again, we strive to meet and, when possible, surpass our clients' expectations. The CP Plating name represents not just our services but our dedication to quality and trustworthiness in all we do.

our partners trust us

Ready to Elevate Your Finish? Let's Achieve the Perfect Shine, together .

Elevate your product’s finish with our expert electroplating. Experience unmatched quality and shine for standout results. Let’s begin.


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