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Our Services & Equipments


Silver Zinc Plating

A protective finish with silver appearance; offers good corrosion resistance, enhancing durability and lifespan of metal components.


Gold Zinc Plating

Lustrous gold-tone finish providing excellent corrosion protection, adding aesthetic appeal to metal surfaces.


Barrel zinc Plating

Smooth, consistent, quick-covering metallic enhancement on multiple components simultaneously.​


powder coating

Durable, electrostatically applied dry powder; cured under heat, results in a hard, uniform, long-lasting protective and decorative surface finish.

Our largest electroplate tanks are able to contain items up to:
6100 x 1400 x 550 mm

Our Powder Coating Oven's Dimensions are up to:
3600 x 1600 x 1200 mm

Ready to Elevate Your Finish? Let's Achieve the Perfect Shine, together .

Elevate your product’s finish with our expert electroplating. Experience unmatched quality and shine for standout results. Let’s begin.


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